Estimation of Demands and Consumptive Uses of Water

The Estimation of Demands and Consumptive Uses of Water for the Country study, executed by RHA (Contract nº036 / ANA / 2014), was hired by ANA to contribute to the management process of water resources in the country, considering the competencies and responsibilities regulated by law. It included defining methods, building a database and producing, updating, storing and making the estimates of the demands and consumptive uses of water, over time, for all municipalities in the national territory. Its products are flow series from multiple consumptive uses from 1931 to 2014 (urban and rural human consumption, animal consumption, industrial consumption with emphasis on mining and thermoelectric power plants, consumption for irrigation and water losses in artificial reservoirs as a result of liquid evaporation over flooded areas). Different growth scenarios were also studied for economic activities related to the consumptive uses of water, up to the set time horizon for the project (2030).

In the scope of the estimation of water demands, RHA Engineering also provided specialized technical consultancy services for the coordination and execution of the Study of the Multiple Uses of Water in the Negro River Basin, a work carried out by the EPE Energy Research Company

Image: Estimation of water demands for the horizon 2030 – Irrigation (left) and animal consumption (right). Source: RHA Engineering.