Hydro-meteorological and Geologic Studies

1. Hydrological and geological classification of hydrographic basins;

2. Hydrological analysis, energy studies and modelling for hydroelectric plants;

3. Consistency and reconstitution of hydrometric series;

4. Hydro-meteorological regionalization;

5. Hydro-geomorphological processes;

6. Design of monitoring networks;

7. Analysis of pluviometric, fluviometric and sedimentological data;

8. Attainment of liquid and solid discharge curves;

9. The frequency of floods and droughts;

10. Operation and sizing of reservoirs;

11. Prediction of levels and flows in rivers and reservoirs;

12. Mathematical modelling of variables and parameters related to hydrological cycles;

13. Hydrosedimentological modelling;

14. Development of numerical methods and computational systems;

15. Generation of synthetic data;

16. Analysis of vulnerability to landslides;

17. Studies of extreme events;

18. Technical studies to comply with the codes and procedures to obtain a grant of use of water resources.


Image: Clouds over the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Source: Acervo O Globo