Environmental Studies

1. Dispersion of pollutants in the air, rivers and estuaires;
2. River and maritime morphology;
3. Environmental Impact Studies (EIA) due to submarine emissaries in coastal … Read more

Hydro-meteorological and Geologic Studies

1. Hydrological and geological classification of hydrographic basins;
2. Hydrological analysis, energy studies and modelling for hydroelectric plants;
3. Consistency and … Read more

Inventory Studies for Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Resources

The inventory of hydraulic and hydroelectric resources is related to the study of the basin hydropower cascade project for the usage of hydroelectric potential, with … Read more

Planning and Management of Water Resources

1. Water Resources Plans;
2. Studies for Estimating Demands and Consumptive Uses of Water;
3. Development of Georeferenced Applications … Read more

Hydraulic Studies

1. Definition of flow lines in rivers and canals;
2. Definition of stage-discharge curves and spillways;
3. Analysis of permanent and non-permanent flow;
4. Planning and … Read more

Safety of Dams

1. Dam Safety Plan;
2. Dam Inspections;
3. Emergency Action Plan – EAP. Read more