Inventory Studies for Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Resources

The inventory of hydraulic and hydroelectric resources is related to the study of the basin hydropower cascade project for the usage of hydroelectric potential, with preliminary evaluation and estimation of costs and environmental impacts associated with its use.

The Hydroelectric Inventory Studies initiate the Generation Expansion Planning process and are strategic in guiding and directing the investments of the future hydroelectric development that will compose the basin’s cascade project. During its preparation, all the alternatives of the basin’s cascades are verified and studied in order to select the one that presents the best energetic and socioenvironmental efficiency.

The methodologies used in the Inventory Studies appear in the Hydrographic Basin Inventory Manual, last reviewed in 2007. The English version of the Inventory Manual was released in 2010.


Image: SHP Derivação do Rio Jordão. Source: Companhia Paranaense de Energia