Hydrological and Energy Studies – Hydroelectric Inventories and Basic Plant Projects

The scope of these studies is limited to meeting the minimum requirements defined by an established operating procedure in order to accredit a basic SHP project for Technical Analysis by the competent bodies/companies.

In this context, RHA Engineering developed several studies, including: Hydrological Analysis to Support the Studies of the Simplified Hydroelectric Inventory for Determining the Partition of the Amaraji River Falls (PE), Ribeirão Comprido (MT) and Paraíba do Meio Falls (PE/AL); Hydrological Studies for the Basic Project of the SHP São Joaquim (RS), SHP Santo Inácio (RS), SHP Xanxerê (SC), Hydroelectric Guatambú (RS), SHP Saltinho (PR), SHP Santa Rita (PR), SHP Pasa (PR); Hydrological Studies for the SHP Passo do Meio, SHP Santa Ana, SHP Salto Natal, SHP Pedrinho and Hydroelectric ltiquira; and Energy and Economic Studies for Inventories and Analysis of the Economic Feasibility of Water Usages for the following Hydroelectric Power Plants: Baixo Verde, São João do lvaí, Apertados, Ercilândia, Olho d’Água, Salto Ariranha 11, Cachoeira Caldeirão, among others.

RHA is currently providing, in a consortium with the companies Nova Engevix and Quanta, technical consultancy services to develop a range of studies to support the construction of the Poço Comprido Dam, in the State of Ceará. Among these studies, stand out: Feasibility and Environmental Studies, Cadastral Survey, Resettlement and Executive Plans. The Poço Comprido Dam is planned to be constructed in the Acaraú River and it will be located in the Municipality of Santa Quitéria.

Image: SHP Passo do Meio in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Source: Apine.