Climatic Forecast of Flows and Criteria for Hydraulic Reservoir Operation

The studies of Climatic Forecast for the Hydroelectric Projects of the South, Southeast and Center-West Regions (PRECLIVAZ), carried out for Paraná State Energy Company (Companhia Paranaense de Energia – COPEL), through the Institute of Technology for Development (LACTEC), involved the development of models for the forecast of medium-term flows (12 months), based on climatological information and the use of non-linear systems. RHA has also developed studies for the Ministry of Mines and Energy (Ministério de Minas e Energia – MME), through LACTEC, on the Construction of the Regularization Curve corresponding to equivalent reservoirs associated with hydrological risks, hydrological simulations and verification of the criteria of the proposed operation.

Image: Interpolation of pluviometric data within the Brazilian territory. Source: RHA Engineering.