New project: Dam Safety Emergency Action Plans for four CAESB reservoirs

January 3, 2019

In the first semesters of 2019, RHA will start developing the Emergency Action Plans to compose the Dam Safety Plans for the water reservoirs of Descoberto, Santa Maria, Torto and Pipiripau from the Environmental Sanitation Company of the Federal District (Companhia de Saneamento Ambiental do Distrito Federal – Caesb).

This study aims to evaluate the environmental, social and economical consequences under a dam failure, thus contributing for increased resilience in urban areas and villages along the area affected by the failure.

The project, to be executed in 6 months, adds to the Emergency Action Plans for CHESF and to the hydrodynamic simulations for COPEL, therefore emphasizing the expertise of RHA in developing this service.

Image: Descoberto Dam. Source: Gabriel Jabur.